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 Kelly Cozza


1.Where are you living and what are you doing currently?

I am currently living in Roanoke and I teach 6th grade math at Wilson Middle School in Northwest ISD. This is my third year as a teacher. 

2.  What accomplishments have you made since working at The Tutoring Center?  (e.g. graduated, traveled, etc.)

Since working at The Tutoring Center, I have graduated from UNT and landed my dream job as a 6th grade math teacher. 

3. Have you won any awards?

Last year, I was nominated for teacher of the year (not the winner, but still an accomplishment for me!), and I also became a curriculum writer for the district this year. 

4. How would you say your experience at The Tutoring Center supported your current success?

My experience at The Tutoring Center set me up for success as a teacher. I learned how to teach students of all ages who all learn differently. My time as head instructor prepared me for parent-teacher conferences and helped me develop the leadership skills necessary for my job. 

5. What else would you like for your former students and co-workers to know?

I got engaged this summer! My fiancé’s name is John. On November 23, 2019 I will become Kelly Kriegshauser!I’d also like my former students and co-workers to know that I think of them daily. I miss them and they’ll never know how much they have changed my life for the better and helped me become who I am today. 


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