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Claire Buchanon

1. Where are you living and what are you doing currently?

I live in Irving, and I'm an English teacher at Founders Classical Academy of Lewisville (7th grade literature & 9th grade Grammar and Composition)

2.  What accomplishments have you made since working at The Tutoring Center?  (e.g. graduated, traveled, etc.)

Since working at the Tutoring Center, I've started teaching and traveled to Europe (Czech Republic, Austria, Spain).

3. Have you won any awards?

I won a classroom management award at teacher training, haha.

4.  How would you say your experience at The Tutoring Center supported your current success?

I was a nursing major before I started working at the Tutoring Center, and tutoring made me realize I wanted to be a teacher. 

5. What else would you like for your former students and co-workers to know?

I would like former students and co-workers to know that they can achieve whatever they want to, as long as they work on their goals one step at a time.


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