The Tutoring Center, Flower Mound TX



Nathan Hardwick

Mr. Nathan has just graduated from Flower Mound High School. He plans to study applied mathematics or mechanical engineering at Texas A&M when the school year starts. In his spare time, Mr. Nathan enjoys competitive robotics. An interesting fact about Mr. Nathan is that he is...

Lori Fausak

Ms. Lori is from the San Fransisco Bay Area. She studied English at San Jose State University. She loves to play board games and try new things. Her favorite thing about working at the Tutoring Center is learning who the students are! 

What the students say: “Ms. Lori is really...

Aric Guy

Mr. Aric goes to the University of North Texas where he is majoring in Mechanical and Energy Engineering. He loves watching Dallas sports teams, playing video games, being outside and traveling. Mr. Aric’s favorite food is steak and his favorite book is 1984 by George...

Madlyn Germany

Ms. Madlyn studies English at the University of North Texas with hopes of teaching middle school or high school. In her free time, Ms. Madlyn likes to watch movies, play board games, and write short stories! An interesting fact about Ms. Madlyn is that she can move her ears! Her...

Amanda Ball

Ms. Amanda goes to the University of North Texas where she is studying Biology, Psychology, and Chemistry. She loves to eat Singaporean food. Ms. Amanda likes being outdoors, hiking, hammocking, and honing her artistic talents. Her favorite movie is The Accountant, and her favorite...

Jonathan Ball - Instructor

Start - September, 2015

Tell a little about yourself
I am currently seeking my PhD in mathematics. I love to read, write, play video games, play golf, and spend time with friends and family.

Why do you like tutoring?
I live for the moments when I see a concept click in a...

Claire Buchanan

Start: October, 2015    

Claire is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Arlington, working towards a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and a minor in English. I love to read, drink coffee, and play the piano. I hope to one day be an occupational therapist!  



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