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"Ms. Nakiyah grew up in Lewisville before moving to Flower Mound. She is currently a Junior at Flower Mound High School and plans to study engineering in the future. Ms. Nakiyah enjoys volunteering at a nearby farm where she helps teach horse riding lessons. She is on the debate team,...

"Mr. Anav is from Flower Mound, Texas and he is a Senior at Flower Mound High School. When he graduates, he plans to study Biomedical Engineering and pursue a career in medicine, preferably surgery.  In his free time, Anav enjoys traveling, playing all kinds of sports, and playing the...

Mr. Marcus grew up in California, and after middle school he moved to Texas.  He currently attends the University of North Texas where he is majoring in Applied Physics and minoring in Latin.  When he isn’t tutoring or going to school, Marcus likes to play basketball, sketch, and play...

Mr. Pranav is a Senior at Marcus High School in Flower Mound. After he graduates, he wants to study Computer Science. Mr. Pranav likes to play basketball, video games, and nap in his free time. Mr. Pranav’s favorite thing about working at The Tutoring Center are the...

Madlyn Germany

Ms. Madlyn studies English at the University of North Texas with hopes of teaching middle school or high school. In her free time, Ms. Madlyn likes to watch movies, play board games, and write short stories! An interesting fact about Ms. Madlyn is that she can move her ears! Her...

Amanda Ball

Ms. Amanda goes to the University of North Texas where she is studying Biology, Psychology, and Chemistry. She loves to eat Singaporean food. Ms. Amanda likes being outdoors, hiking, hammocking, and honing her artistic talents. Her favorite movie is The Accountant, and her favorite...


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