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Summer is over now and you need to help your children succeed in the next school year - shopping for all the supplies they need, a healthy diet to boost their performance but what about having a great study space at home?

If you think your children study better lying down on their beds or couch, that may only work in a few cases. Most students need a place where they can focus on their school tasks and create solid study habits. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in Flower Mound, we would like to provide you with some useful tips to create a study space. 

Find a Spot

There are different learning styles and you should find out what works better for your children. Some students require absolute silence, while others need some background noise or even music. Find a place in your house that meets their requirements and remove any potential distractions. Keep it OrganizedOnce you found a place, provide it with a sturdy table and a comfortable chair, otherwise your children will waste time finding a comfortable position. Remember to not disturb your children while they study. 


Dim light can force the sight of your children, leading to headaches and exhaustion. Try to set the study space next to a window and don’t forget to add a desk lamp. Avoid glares, shadows and your children should never stare directly into the light bulb. 

Create a Routine

Having a great study space is worthless, if your children don’t use it. Make sure to create a daily study calendar as soon as you find out the schedule of your children - work around their activities during the day, although their priority should be school. You should also chunk troublesome tasks into manageable units to keep them focused and motivated. 

Academic achievement is the result of many factors and one of the most neglected is having a study space. The first step to create study habits starts at home, but you can always do something else to help your children succeed at school 

Tutoring is an effective way to prepare your children for the classroom challenges - it develops useful skills and strategies that students will need throughout their academic life. The Tutoring Center has one-to-one programs, that will enhance the areas where your children are having problems! Don’t forget the benefits of summer tutoring

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