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The college application process is fun and exciting because it signifies the next step of your life, but can be long and frustrating as well. One aspect of applying to college that causes a good amount of stress is taking your entrance exams. To help make it easier for you, The Tutoring Center in Flower Mound has some quick tips to prepare you for the day of the test.

Know the Format

The ACT test is designed to measures a student’s skills in four core areas, with an optional fifth area: English, Math, Reading, Science and the Optional Writing section. English, Math, Reading and Science are composed of four multiple-choice sections. The Optional Writing section is handwritten in a supplied workbook.

Each section is broken down as follows:

Take Practice Tests

The actual questions on each test will change year to year, but the test has basically been the same since the beginning. Find older versions of the test online, print them out, and practice multiple times before the real test. Time each practice test very strictly so you can figure out which subjects you struggle in and which you are better at. The ACT doesn’t measure your intelligence, it measures how prepared you are for the test; if you make a goal to improve with each practice test, you’ll have no trouble on the actual day.

Start your ACT prep early to give yourself the best chance of success! Private learning centers often have specially designed ACT prep courses led by experts with years of experience. If you are interested in one-to-one instruction in Flower Mound to help you prepare, contact us today at (972) 874-1999 for more information.


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