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If you currently have children in high school, you are probably familiar with the SAT/ACT tests.  There is a lot of pressure surrounding these evaluations, and their importance in the academic future of students can’t be overstated. At The Tutoring Center in Flower Mound, we understand how important these tests are to students wanting to enroll in the college or university of their choice.  We have provided the following information to offer a basic overview about these exams.

What Does the SAT/ACT Measure?

The SAT focuses on measuring reasoning and verbal abilities, while the ACT measures what students have learned in school.  Although they assess different things, virtually all the U.S. colleges and universities accept both tests.  The scores are intended to supplement students’ transcripts but are often considered for college admission requirements, course placement, and scholarships.

When Should My Child Take the SAT or ACT Test?

Most students choose to take the exam during their junior year. This will provide them with plenty of time to complete their university applications.  Keep in mind that the SAT and ACT are both offered six times per year.

Are the Exams Trustworthy?

Questions in both exams were researched and tested to be fair to every student, regardless of their background.  The results are accepted at practically every college or university in the United States.

How Can my Child Prepare?

It’s very important that your child gets to know the structure and types of questions on the exam.  There are many ways to prepare: independent study, books, and classes.  Students can also achieve better scores through SAT/ACT tutoring.  Tutoring and solid preparation will provide your child with the tools and tips needed to successfully achieve an improved score.

These exams are crucial to the academic future of your child; having a good score is a big step in getting accepted at your child’s desired institution.  It’s important that he/she is adequately prepared for the exam.  Fortunately, The Tutoring Center in Flower Mound has SAT/ACT Prep Programs that will provide your child with the skills and confidence needed to achieve an improved score.Think of us the next time you are looking for tutoring in Flower Mound.

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