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In the past, we at The Tutoring Center in Flower Mound have offered you some tips on engaging your children in reading. Today, we’d like to offer you a similar guide on how to inspire a love of math in your child. Math is an indispensable skill both academically and in everyday life, so it’s good to take it up from an early age!

Set an example

Your child looks up to you and they are likely to mimic a lot of your behaviour. Make sure you’re providing a good example by approaching math problems with positivity and confidence. Avoid saying things like “this problem is too hard” or “I’m no good at math”, otherwise your child may start thinking math is too difficult to even attempt.

Exercise their math muscles

Math, just like any other skill, requires practice. Fortunately, it’s easy to include a little math practice every day by sneaking in some questions and problems to activities like cooking or shopping. Ask your child to help you work out how to double a recipe or ask for their help adding up the cost of the groceries, to provide just two examples. This not only provides practice, but shows real world examples of how useful math is.

Make it fun

Learning and fun aren’t mutually exclusive! There are hundreds of apps out there that make learning math fun, so make use of those if you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also adapt board games to include math questions (include a rule that they have to correctly answer a question before taking their go, for example) and this way you can tailor the game to what your child is currently studying or include any specific material they particularly need to practice.

Don’t do it for them

Independence is very important when it comes to learning. If your child is struggling with math problems, it’s OK for you to offer help, but it’s important that you don’t simply take over and do the work for them. If they overcome challenges themselves, this will bolster their self-esteem and confidence. If, on the other hand, you solve their problems for them, they may end up feeling impotent.


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