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We can’t really overstate the importance of reading in school. Reading proficiency will help your children understand their subjects, it will give them a large vocabulary and it will improve their concentration.

It’s important your children enjoy reading. If they prefer spending their free time playing videogames, or in front a computer; don’t worry. At The Tutoring Center in Flower Mound, we have a few ideas that will help your children become readers.

Be an Example

Children tend to imitate everything, and you are their role model. if they see how much you enjoy a book, it will definitely trigger their curiosity. So make sure that there is plenty reading material in your house.

Read Together

Becoming a reader is a process, and you should help your children with it. Read them aloud at least 10 minutes everyday. Remember that it should be a leisure activity, so stay away from boring books.


It’s important to check if your children are understanding their reading material. Ask them about the story, the characters or their favorite chapter.

The benefits of reading are countless and having the skills to understand a text is the first step for academic success.

If you notice your children are having problems in this area, there is a solution. At The Tutoring Center, we have the “Geniuses in Training Reading Program”, that will help your children improve in this area.

So think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Flower Mound. For more information about us and our programs, please call (972) 874-1999.


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