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Though it may seem some children, and adults, are more prone to creative pursuits than others, the truth is that creativity is a learned skill. Although this creativity will not display itself the same way in all people. For example one can be excellent at interior design, but not particularly gifted when it comes to drawing or playing a musical instrument. Remember that increasing the creativity of your child is not only great for their artistic expression, but will also help to improve brain function and activity. It is with your whole child in mind that The Tutoring Center in Flower Mound would like to share a few ways that you can help at home to foster the creativity of your child. 

Creative Resources and Mediums

Of course you should remember the essentials when thinking of the resources to provide your child for his or her creative activities. Those essentials being scissors-pending scissors are age appropriate for your child, glue, paint, crayons, colored pencils, paper and the like. However, consider brainstorming with your child about what other supplies they might desire. For example, your child might want to try his or her hand at collage making and will need some magazines you don’t mind seeing destroyed. Getting 3D pieces for your child to incorporate into art, or allowing your child to make his or her own paint, use mud to create pictures, or sculpt. Perhaps allow them to use shaving cream on the sidewalk, or put up a large piece of butcher paper to allow them to “paint on or color the walls.” Of course this should only be done if your child has well developed reasoning skills. Though it seems a lot like actually coloring on the walls, it is important that your child understands when the paper comes down, that task is over. 

Creative Locations

Remember that art does not have to be done only at home. Take your child to a fun location where he or she can paint the scenery or draw with sidewalk chalk. Allow your child to explore nature and find a place to draw or dance. Help your child perform a puppet show or concert for the neighborhood children. Allow this exploration to be an enjoyable one for them. 

Keep in mind that the desire to participate in creative efforts can be a great motivator for your child to do well academically as well. Remember that while academia should come first, you should absolutely leave time for your child to express themselves. If your child is now a keen painter but is slightly less inclined to pick up a book, take a look at our guide to motivating children to read for a few tips.

If you should discover that your child is in need of academic assistance, know that this is exactly what The Tutoring Center is here for. To find out more about our available programs and how our tutoring staff can help your child reach academic excellence, give us a call at (972) 874-1999. Trust in us for tutoring in Flower Mound.


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