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If your child received their report card recently and you’re disappointed with any of their grades, it’s understandable to be frustrated. The important thing is to focus on helping your child improve in future, and to do that you need to work out what went wrong. The Tutoring Center in Flower Mound would like to lend a hand by offering a few of the most common causes of disappointing grades.

Health and sleep

It’s crucial to keep an eye on your child’s grades as falling grades can be indicative of a health problem or poor sleep. Make sure to talk to your child about how they’re feeling and whether they’re sleeping well. It’s a good idea to have a set bedtime and to enforce it so as to create a solid routine. Try to avoid them using computers or cellphones for around an hour before bed, as these have been shown to affect quality of sleep.

It’s also very common for poor eyesight to slip under the radar. Your child may struggle to see the board during class and/or have eye strain and headaches while reading. Ask them if they have these problems and if they do, take them to an optometrist.

Poor study skills

Your child could be studying 24/7, but if they aren’t studying effectively this could be wasted time. Sit down with them and talk to them about how to stay organized, how to take good notes, and most importantly how to manage their time. You could draw up a study schedule together, focusing on breaking up work into blocks and clearly marking how long each task should take.

Extracurricular activities

The things your child does outside of class (sports teams, the school newspaper, a part-time job, etc.) are important parts of their life, providing opportunities to make friends, show off their talents, and learn responsibility. That said, they should never get in the way of your child achieving good grades. If it seems like your child has taken on more than they can handle, it may be a good idea to ask them to refocus their time and effort back to their schoolwork.

Of course, if the problem is academic after all, hiring a tutor could be the answer. The Tutoring Center offer Geniuses in Training programs to help with math, grammar, reading, study skills, and more, so call (972) 874-1999 to organize tutoring in Flower Mound.

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