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Part 5 of 5: Reorganizing     

The process of getting your child (and yourself!) ready to go back to school and begin a new year can feel like an overwhelming and stressful time of the year. However, implementing these five tips, can help you plan your back-to-school-a-thon, and get your new school year off to a great start! In this Back to School blog series, we’ve discussed Collecting Information, Setting Goals, Building the Schedule, Gathering Materials, and today’s last post will cover Cleaning and Reorganizing for the new year.   

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Cleaning and Reorganizing   

Cleaning & Restocking 
Once you’ve amassed your pile of school supplies, go through last year’s backpacks and binders, and replace missing or broken items, and organize them according to their order in your child’s schedule. Replenish the pens and pencils bag. Sort outgrown clothes from new clothes to make getting ready in the morning a quicker process. Restock the fridge and pantry with plenty of lunch box treats and after school snacks to keep up their energy through the week.  

Reorganizing your work area 
Lastly, choose an area at home for each child to designate as their study space. This space should be relatively clutter-free, but nearby all the materials they may need during homework time. The area should also be as far from distraction as possible. For young children this may be a public area where everyone works together. For older kids, if this is their rooms, be sure to tidy up the whole room so it’s less likely to foster distraction. If music helps your children relax and stay focused consider a selection of music to keep on tap. These five steps should help your whole family plan for most contingencies, and start your new year off right! However, if your child’s course requirements seem particularly overwhelming this year -- especially if s/he is transitioning into a milestone level like 6th or 9th grade -- your family may consider adding an additional resource to your child’s support system, such as those mentioned in our “Back to School Tips” post.     

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