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Part 4 of 5: Gathering Materials

The process of getting your child (and yourself!) ready to go back to school and begin a new year can feel like an overwhelming and stressful time of the year. However, implementing these five tips, can help you plan your back-to-school-a-thon, and get your new school year off to a great start! In this Back to School blog series, we’ve discussed Collecting Information, Setting Goals, Building the Schedule, and our last post will be on Cleaning and Reorganizing for the new year. 

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Gathering Materials    

Now that we know what’s required at school, the goals we want to achieve, and what our weekly schedule looks like, we can start gathering all the materials necessary to bring all your plans to fruition. 

Many schools now put together a “wrap pack” already containing the supply list for each grade level. Many districts, or individual schools publish their supply lists on their webpages, or in local grocery stores. If not, then you can use your student’s course syllabi to compile a list of school supplies you’ll need.      

*TIP: Specifically consult the English and Science courses in particular for specific supplies like novels and annotation stickers, or safety goggles and laboratory notebooks.   

Next, gather all your standard school supplies, school clothes, etc., but above all else, be sure to get each child a planner they like, with enough space to record all their homework assignments, project reminders, etc. for the week, so they have their list of priorities and due dates when they come home.

Matching materials
When possible, designate a specific color for each course, so that the binder, folder, and notebook for each course matches, and makes it easier to pack the backpack in the morning, and which to grab from the locker. If your student school uses A-day/B-day schedule, then you might consider putting together A-day/B-day binders, each with of the classes for that day pre-packed.     

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Our next post will cover Part 5: “Cleaning & Reorganizing.”  
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