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The process of getting your child (and yourself!) ready to go back to school and begin a new year can feel like an overwhelming and stressful time of the year. However, implementing these five tips, can help you plan your back-to-school-a-thon, and get your new school year off to a great start! 

Part 1 of 5: Gathering Information 
In the following weeks, we’ll be focusing in on and exploring each of the following tips in our “5-Part Back to School” series to get the most out of your back to school planning! 

1 Gather Information 

The first mission to accomplish will be to do a little reconnaissance to gather the information you’ll need to plan the rest of your school year. This can easily be achieved by attending the “Open House” or “Meet-the-Parents” events at your child’s school. If there aren’t any such events scheduled at your school, or child’s grade level, then you can use your child’s schedule to make a list of courses, and then contact those teachers to gather the required information. 

Here’s the kind of information you’re looking for: teachers’ contact info, course syllabi, and course calendars. For instance, you can download the LISD’s school calendar from their website. Use this information to continue your back-to-school preparations, and keep it in a handy location all year. 

You should also be on the look-out for your child’s school supply list at your local grocery stores, although individual teacher’s syllabi for any supply unique to their classes, especially English and Science. 

Stay tuned for next week’s installment covering “Setting Goals”

The Tutoring Center can help your child’s back to school experience be more enjoyable and successful, and less intimidating by providing opportunities to support their learning, and help preemptively fill any gaps that may creep into this year’s content. This preview of new concepts each week will allow the students to catch up, or even get ahead to reach the goals you’ve set. Their confidence will also grow because they will be getting extra practice, and won’t feel behind during the coming school year. 

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