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Not many kids (or adults for that matter) write personal goals.  But a goal may prepare and motivate your child more than just a new backpack or calculator. If your child plays any time of game, especially video games, they have felt the benefits of pursuing and achieving a goal.  Every game has an object or goal, obstacles to make it challenging and a way to keep track of progress.  What makes it a game is that they choose to play.  How to help your child set a good goal and make it fun: 
 -A good goal describes the results we will get.  Have your child imagine it was the end of a great school year and describe what had happened.  They can do this with words or even pictures. 
 -Help them break it down into smaller accomplishments or goals that would be happening throughout the year that would help them get there.  This will create actions that they can do to reach their goals. 
 -Ask them about what obstacles they can think of that may get in their way and what they would do to get around them.  This will help them keep going in spite of setbacks.
-Make sure that it is a goal they want, they believe is worthwhile and that they can do. 
-Create fun ways to continually track and reward their progress.   
-Martha GermannMindful Games Institute, LLC


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