The Tutoring Center, Flower Mound TX



Another school year is in full swing and Roger and Riley are READY! They kept The Tutoring Center on their calendar all summer long, which means they have continued to move forward with their reading skills.  

They both like succeeding and are used to putting effort into their goals. The brothers love the one-on-one help they receive, the rewards for finishing their work, and the great tutors who really care about them.

Roger is a sixth grader. His favorite subject is math, and he loves Taekwondo. Roger likes coming to The Tutoring Center because, “I learn a lot of stuff, and I’m not forgetting the stuff I learned in school.”

Riley is in the fourth grade and when asked what subject he likes best at school, he replied, “Math…wait is recess a subject?” Riley loves soccer and playing outside. If he could have any superpower he would choose invisibility. Riley likes coming to The Tutoring Center because “it’s fun and the teachers are nice."


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