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People who plan ahead get ahead, and that's why high school junior Nick Ryer is taking advantage of the excellent SAT test prep program at The Tutoring Center Flower Mound early in his junior year. Nick describes the course as very thorough and describes the tutors as "quick to assist,...

Haley is a senior in high school and her favorite subject in school is math. She plans to attend Alabama or Auburn University, and although she has not yet decided what her major will be, she said, “I hope to major in something that uses my math skills.” Haley stays busy playing on the Girls JV...

Brandon Villegas came to The Tutoring Center soon after its doors opened four years ago. When his little sister, Ava, began kindergarten this year, his parents were confident The Tutoring Center would give her the strong academic foundation they desired for her. Ava now proclaims that "math...

Another school year is in full swing and Roger and Riley are READY! They kept The Tutoring Center on their calendar all summer long, which means they have continued to move forward with their reading skills.  

They both like succeeding and are used to putting effort into their...

Learning to Change Perspective 

Brieanna Casey, Head Instructor 
The Tutoring Center-- Bartonville 

Whether you’re working with students who feel below or above average in the classroom, the most pervasive threat to their future success is the idea that their intelligence and ability,...

Building an Effective Reading Program

Brieanna Casey, Head Instructor 
The Tutoring Center-- Bartonville

Sifting through the information available on how to develop home reading programs for your children can be overwhelming to say the least, but if you can implement these few tips, it can...


Jonathan Ball - Instructor

Start - September, 2015

Tell a little about yourself
I am currently seeking my PhD in mathematics. I love to read, write, play video games, play golf, and spend time with friends and family.

Why do you like tutoring?
I live for the moments when I see a concept click in a...

Claire Buchanan

Start: October, 2015    

Claire is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Arlington, working towards a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and a minor in English. I love to read, drink coffee, and play the piano. I hope to one day be an occupational therapist!  



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