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The summer is a great time for students to receive tutoring. If you know a family who has a child behind in reading, writing, or math, getting tutoring during the summer provides him/her the opportunity to catch up without the pressure of homework or tests. Also, if you know families with students who are doing well in school, summer tutoring can give them the opportunity to keep those skills sharp or to get ahead before the next year starts. We can also help prepare students who will be taking higher levels of math such as trigonometry or Advanced Placement calculus next year. Having the opportunity to receive one-to-one direct instruction during the summer will help them to excel when they start classes next year. 

If you refer a new family and they enroll in one of our regular year-round programs, you will receive ONE MONTH OF TUTORING FREE   

It’s been a privilege for us to build a relationship with you and your child, and we hope to offer that same high-service, high-value working relationship to your family, friends, and acquaintances.  Remember, the sooner they call, the sooner they’ll get started, and the sooner we can say Thank You!

-Helen Young, Center Director


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